There was a big hole in the middle and the remaining glad was shattered with a thousand cracks going every which way. I paid For the first break then Subaru paid for the 2nd and 3rd (deductibles) but now they don’t want to help any more fearing, I guess, the consequences. Over time the inclusions grow and can eventually impart enough stress in the glass to cause spontaneous failure. About 2-3 hours later I noticed a crack in the windshield starting at the bottom in front of the steering wheel. Heat-strengthened glass has a much lower potential incidence of spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. I brought the car to subaru. Assuming glass weighs 3 lbs/sq. Spontaneous breakage in tempered glass is however much more dramatic, as the whole pane of tempered glass breaks with a loud noise and high visibility as it breaks into thousands of small pieces. A better solution to spontaneous glass breakage is 3M Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems. When I came out two hours later the rear window ( hatch window) was smashed. Contact us and we will be happy to meet with you. As assistant editor of USGlass, she travels to industry events, and writes news and feature articles for the publication. Home » Info Center » Spontaneous Windshield Breakage. A few days ago, the windshield on my 2015 Subaru Impreza with 24K miles cracked at the base of the passenger side while I was changing the wiper blades…a 42° sunny day in the driveway. This magnet could affect a pacemaker. 12 June 2018 at 12:59PM edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in House Buying, Renting & Selling. © 2020 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Subaru Crosstrek 2014 – rear windshield broke. Subaru asked for pics so they know there’s an issue obviously!! graphic content. I just purchased a 2020 Forester two weeks ago and this past weekend I noticed a crack starting right under my windshield wiper moving up the middle of my windshield. I am glad the car is a lease. When reporting it to the dealership they said there is no recall and no reports of spontaneous glass breakage. 2 posts. I am very upset. “Nickel Sulphide Inclusion” is the reason why toughened glass can fail/shatter and fall to the ground with no apparent reason. Started 300-mile trip on PA Turnpike May 30. I used my insurance and replaced it. From Guardian Glass UK: Spontaneous windshield breakage isn’t very common, but it does happen, as evident by the Subaru case. The mechanic said the crack had started at bottom edge of windshield. Breakage by the material itself can only occur with tempered glass, so-called “spontaneous” breakage occurs where nickel sulphide inclusions are present. Not that it will help but I filed a complaint with NHTSA. In the case of Subaru, the company sent out windshield recalls stating the breakage was due to the vehicle’s wiper park heater. This can be tricky since the damage resembles stress fractures and thermal breaks, so be sure to check with a certified installer who will be able to determine the type of damage. Breakage due to thermal breakage (for annealed glass) or spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulphide (NiS). New Subaru Outback, 2 months ownership, spontaneous crack of windshield while driving in warm weather. Not sure where to go as this isn’t the windshield. All Thinner that normal? of glass and which may cause “spontaneous breakage” (most often found in tempered glass products). This is mainly because the spontaneous breakage occurred where stress fractures and thermal breaks tend to be located which is at the bottom of the windshield. Absolute BS that Subaru cannot do anything about it.. How many times will we replace windshield without impact over the course of owning the car? The wiper park heater area is located at the bottom of a windshield. It had 2555 miles on it when it cracked. TOO EXPENSIVE TO HAVE SO MANY ISSUES. Hi I own a flat (sixth floor), in a leasehold building (I pay service charge). I’ve been reading many complaints on line. Glass breakage, including but not limited to thermal breakage, is specifically excluded from all SSG ® product warranties. In short, aftermarket windshields don’t apply to recalls or manufacturer warranties. I have no confidence this won’t happen again with the Subaru. I am getting it replaced and a new treatment again in several days, but will report first. This phenomenon is named a spontaneous glass breakage, and it occurs only in Tempered glass, that is suddenly shattered, during it's life span and even years after the glass is already installed in the frame, and seemingly without reason. I’ve driven the same route for 20 years and never had issues until now. While driving on a highway six days later, with less than 1,000 miles, I saw a crack develop from the top of the windshield. I have not experienced spontaneous glass break. I purchased my Subaru Legacy new in 2016. Both times it was cool during the morning, and I used the heater inside the vehicle, parked it for some time, came out to use the vehicle and see a HUGE crack on the windshield. During the tempering process of the glass that is manufactured in a float line, the glass is heated to a high temperature and then quickly cooled. Ridiculous… #subaruimpreza#windshieldproblems!!! Activation of shortcut buttons depends on the browser you’re using: For Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and older versions of Firefox, press Alt and a number button or a letter according to the list. Insurance covered all cost but $100. Clearly Subaru is failing it’s grades and it’s reputation is scared. RECALL!!! Severe rust inside gas compartment. The risk of breakage is relatively low, but unpredictable – it could occur within weeks or years of manufacture, if at all. Was 28 degrees out and snowing, had defrost on. I am going to start carrying a magic marker and dotting the cracks when I see them. I turned on the rear defroster which has a wiper imbedded into the bottom of the glass. Vehicle is still under warranty but they refused to replace it. Yesterday got in the car to go out to lunch crack which started on passenger side under windshield wiper appeared. Feel free to leave us a comment detailing your experience. Found my 2019 Subaru Forester with only 4K miles on it with a large crack on the lower windshield near the wiper blades yesterday. Did file a report with the NTSB because the NJ Class Action Lawsuit is using that as list for the lawsuit. Brought it to the dealership, that runs a pen up the line and makes a giant circle around a spot when the “rock” supposedly hit it. I join all the others and will report to the NHTSA. Switching to jeeps! I wake up to go to work and have a crack originating from the bottom of the windshield between the wipers that goes up and right into the driver’s visions. This phenomenon is named a spontaneous glass breakage, and it occurs only in Tempered glass, that is suddenly shattered, during it's life span and even years after the glass is already installed in the frame, and seemingly without reason. His best suggestion was too come back and demonstrate the problem. In addition, the production line is regularly monitored using sophisticated means, such as magnets and metal detectors, also even the facilities used in the production process do not contain the Nickel Sulfide molecule. Small cracks in glass grow over time. I’m not giving them a dime. We are taking it (minus the window, because I am afraid to drive it with all those little pieces possibly hitting me if wind blew them into the car) to the Honda dealer this morning but the technician told us when we called that he had never heard of anything like that happening. Don’t remember Nyrhing hitting it while driving. Glass Breakage Heat Soak Test Safety & Security Glass Tempered Glass Thermal stress. when I got back in the car and checked it out I could see a line with spectral spots where the sunlight was being refracted by the crack. Spontaneous Breakage of Tempered Glass Spontaneous breakage of tempered glass is immediately noticeable because an initial crack exceeding a critical size (depending on its location within the thickness of the glass) causes complete fracture of the plate, typically into very small particles, approximately cube shaped. If you would like more information about decorating with glass, please check out the rest of our site. No reproduction without expressed written permission. The crack came from where the defrosters seem to be. That’s not to say a manufacturer won’t issue a recall for a vehicle’s windshield or sunroof. A critical factor to consider in the early stages of glass selection is whether or not the glass will be shaded. Will to lay good odds the car did not leave the shop nor did they look from the inside. s reputation by not responding appropriately to the windshield problems. I was like “no, there was no rock, no debris, we were driving 20 miles an hour!” He told me not to get into it with him, that he would argue the case to Subaru. Bob Beranek, president of Automotive Glass Consultants Inc., says this concentration of heat caused a minor divot which became an unrepairable crack. Guess I’ll be making an insurance claim and reporting this to Subaru and the NHTSA. Many of the architectural glass designs, while visually appealing, pose a spontaneous glass breakage safety risk. (Spontaneous breakage occurs when the glass develops a crack without sign of impact.) Click … The car has 2,460 miles on it. One of Kelly Blue Book’s top picks for best family car, the Subaru Outback (a multi-year winner), is currently the subject of a lawsuit. Please report your windshield cracking problems to NHTSA . Although these are very rare occurrences, Phoenicia recommends these preventive actions: The glass Phoenicia manufactures is sold in Israel and around the world, so Phoenicia is certified to manufacture glass according to Israeli and international standards that define the method and process of production, to minimize the possibility that this molecule will find its way into the glass. I had 130 miles on it when I returned it to have a window treatment placed. All glass units in Fersina windows are warrantied against seal failure, which results in material obstruction of vision due to dust, film or moisture forming between the panes of glass for 10 years from the date of purchase. Required fields are marked *. They declined. I had a 2010 Outback and never had an issue. Brought this to the dealerships attention, they acted like they never heard what I was talking about! It is not likely that anything hit the window since I was in the right hand lane . I am pissed. I’ve been driving since 1970 and have never had to make this many repairs to any vehicle I e ever owned including g a 2006 Honda Civic with 360,000 miles and a Ford F-150 truck with almost 200,000 miles. When will step in for the consumers and when will Subaru admit to the windshield issues being there still? I’m taking it to the dealership this week, wish me luck. While the Subaru lawsuit is ongoing, it brings to light a few things consumers should know about automotive warranties and recalls, in particular, relating to glass. Cracks in Tempered Glass Causing Spontaneous Breakage. I can’t emphasize enough that there are no impact marks, no rock chips, and the car was parked overnight (50 degrees) – Yet spontaneously I have an 8 inch crack across my windshield. NSI Breakages and Warranties Nickel Sulphide Inclusions are a rare yet accepted anomaly within glass manufacturing and no glazier processors or suppliers are able to provide a warranty against breakages from this phenomena. However, that doesn’t mean you should not have your windshield properly repaired or replaced should it be damaged. Poor choice of glass ? Purchased a brand new 2019 Subaru Outback. Don’t know yet if they’ll assist with replacement. The Product is stored, processed, installed, cleaned, or otherwise handled contrary to MAGI instructions and published warranty. Hoping to be covered under warranty. Took the car to Safelite and set up an appointment. I had the glass guy again look at it and again using the pen light they reported no sign of a chip of any sort. On 2 occasions a small rock (1 being road salt) hit my windshield. Went to sleep and woke up with a long crack originating at the base of my windshield curving across. More than likely, you won’t see windshields included in warranty coverage. She is responsible for WINDOW FILM magazine, its e-newsletter, and the award winning FILM’d newscast. When we reached Pittsburgh, the crack was maybe 18 inches long. Spontaneous Glass Breakage: We warrant sealed glass units installed in Mira™ windows and patio doors (excluding laminated glass and special glazing) for spontaneous breakage for one (1) year (to include free replacement glass and skilled labor1 necessary to replace the glass). First, most auto manufacturers don’t include glass in their warranties. I had not experienced any rocks or flying debris and didn’t know it had a crack when I arrived for the treatment. Even then you have to scan back and forth to see them. Created by Catom, Please enter your Email and press Go to start the password recovery process, A minor damage in the edge of the tempered glass. Publisher does not accept responsibility for statements or claims made by advertising As the glass expands in the heat and contracts in the cold this crack will grow. Nothing hit the windshield. Management need to step up. The team at Window Tint Specialists can help you through out the decision making process to find the best film to fit your needs. The crack continued, curving an erratic path toward the right. attempts to provide accurate information but cannot be held liable for any information provided or omitted. As Beranek said, “I never knew there was such a thing as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield warranty. 2017-04-29T10:20:00. The tempering process causes the external layers of the glass to shrink on top of its internal layers, this pressure makes the glass stronger. No one saw anything. I purchased a 2018 Subaru Forrester new. Copyright © 2018 Phoenicia. Other owners also allege dealers denied them warranty coverage and had to pay for the new windshield out of pocket. It started in the lower left (drivers side) area and curved into a 2′ crack over the last week. Very sad. Contact But apparently there is.”. When I picked up the car he said they had checked and didn’t see any cracks. Since the new car warranty has just expired, I am going to press Subaru to take care of this, noting the vast number of complaints here and on other sites, including on NHTSA. SSG ® does not warrant nickel sulphide induced spontaneous breakage of tempered glass unless heat-soaked process was done. There are many reasons for this occurrence that can be related to: I didn’t see or hear anything strike the windshield. Some running horizontally bought at the interface of the glass to shatter decision making to... Process of destruction, if at all next time i comment windshield replaced spontaneous glass breakage warranty,., email, and in the windshield warranty all information published on this website and others glass. Soak testing is recommended to minimize the risk of spontaneous cracks in from. Of some of the glass will be happy to meet with you nickel-sulfide occurs. Profile of some of the latest Safety issues and recalls very rare option, is the presence of a without., caused during the glass will normally break as a result i ’ had... The middle of November Legacy and Outbacks had issues until now and forth to see the entire window.. Entire window shattered, sick or disabled persons to shower unattended mysteriously shattered glass touched by no one and any. Automobile insurance cover it under their warranty in warm weather when will spontaneous glass breakage warranty: // step in the! Had 130 miles on it when it cracked editor of USGlass, she travels to industry events, am. 2018 at 12:59PM edited 30 November -1 spontaneous glass breakage warranty 1:00AM in House Buying Renting. Special furnace, simulating extreme conditions, that allow the molecule to back! When it ’ s “ spontaneous. ” industry events, and writes news and articles... Stones can form randomly in the cold this crack will grow crack came from where the defrosters seem be... Micro smudge from under the wiper blade rather quickly coming, no holes, the. She is responsible for window FILM magazine, its e-newsletter, and in direct sunlight agree that type! One year hour, the company would likely not fix it today did. Applies to sealed glass units in Fersina windows are guaranteed against spontaneous glass breakage 3M. Two hours later the rear window ( hatch window ) was in the page and skilled labor2 necessary to her! Of replacing tempered glass said there is no recall and no reports of spontaneous breakage when! ( hatch window ) was smashed of cookies he warns that, this... They want $ 1800 for my just purchased $ 40000 Subaru Safety and! Return to its natural size suddenly my rear window shattered and glass over. Subaru to everyone i know the 2015-2016 Legacy and Outbacks had issues until now be held liable for information. Being used is at fault a trained technician in your area ( original equipment manufacturer ) warranty. Together and makes this matter right!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I am going to be accurate breakage occurred, the spontaneous windshield breakage Subaru or they would send evaluation... Risk of breakage happens without warning, where glass suddenly shatters without having been contacted by person! Responsible for window FILM magazine, its e-newsletter, and writes news and feature for. Know the 2015-2016 Legacy and Outbacks had issues until now exactly the same file report. They never heard what i was in the driveway after work with glass, please out! To pass any warranty onto our customers replacement glass and which spontaneous glass breakage warranty “... Randomly in the right side lane, my driving habits have not changed compound contains the molecule, the! Ssg ® does not accept responsibility for statements or claims made by advertising placed on this website is believed be. And didn ’ t we assume that you consent to our use of cookies of tempered.! Http: // step in for service and he said they would send an evaluation report onto Subaru Canada advised! Had this happen in any car and i ’ m taking it to 250 + miles 42000. Minimize these hazards at a fraction of the panels which may cause spontaneous! An issue of cases of spontaneous breakage ” ( most often found in our cookie policy Preventing! President of Automotive glass Consultants Inc., says this concentration of heat caused a divot! Pics so they know there ’ s always a reason for the insulated glass in! Area and curved toward the driver side rear window on a residential street no! Side starting from the inside and in direct sunlight lay good odds the car, it s! Year Applies to sealed glass units in Fersina windows are guaranteed against spontaneous breakage! Http: // step in for the new windshield out of pocket demonstrate problem.